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05.02.01 - Globus Connect

Getting started with Globus Connect

Globus is the leading provider of reasearch data management software and services. One the most essential services provided is data movement support via GridFTP.

The GridFTP protocol is based on FTP, the highly-popular Internet file transfer protocol. GridFTP is a high-performance, secure, reliable data transfer protocol optimized for high-bandwidth wide-area networks.

NCAR/CGD supports our own GridFTP server to enable tranfer of data to our local servers for analysis. Follow the instructions below to get started.

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1) Open a browser and visit
2) Click the 'Log In' button.

3) Click 'Sign in with Google'

4) Select your UCAR GMail account.

5) Click 'Continue'.

6) Fill in 'NCAR' for the Organization.
7) Select 'non-profit research or educational purposes'.
8) Acknowledge the 'Terms of Service'.
9) Click 'Continue'.

10) Click 'Allow' to accept the defaults.

11) Click the 'Endpoint' box on the left to set up the first transfer point.

12) Enter an organization to bring up a list of available servers. We're assuming 'NCAR'.
13) Select 'NCAR GLADE' for the first endpoint.

14) Enter your NCAR username.
15) Authenticate with your token (yubikey).(Other institutions will use their login method (ex. NERSC uses NIM password.)

16) Repeat steps 11 thru 15 for the second transfer point.

17) Navigate the directory structure to select the origination and destination directories.
18) Select the desired to/from transfer button.

Status e-mail will be sent when the transfer is either completed (success) or terminated (failure). Active transfer status can be check using the 'Activity' button.

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